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The First Smart Wealth Creating Platform

Tangram is one of China’s oldest dissection puzzles. Composed of 7 tans and with each player’s imagination, thousands of shapes can be created. An investment portfolio is like a tangram and this is how “Tanggram” came along.

The idea was first born in 2016. It was designed to solve the existing problems of wealth management with innovative technologies. Many of our clients came across similar difficulties when they needed financial services. The service fee was too high, the paperwork was too complicated, and the application process was taking too long etc. We realized the opportunity and the demand of a lite, smart and user-friendly wealth platform for young generations. Tanggram was built to lead this stream.

Tanggram is the Australia’s first smart investment platform combing a rewards scheme with investment options. It aims to deliver superior solutions to independently minded millennials. It is a platform for people earning money towards their goals, making investing simple, easy and fun.